• We want to be the specialist within our core business as the most reliable and respected fin & tube heat exchangers supplier on global market.
  • We want to contribute to our customers’ success with respect to social and environmental responsibilities


  • It is the mission of EKA-KOOL to bring thermal efficiency of heat exchanger to another height within refrigeration and air conditioning industries, reducing CO2 emission to the atmosphere at the same time bring down the cost of ownership of our customer’s.
  • We serve the refrigeration and air-conditioning industries with advanced technologies of heat exchanger and we carry the passion to achieve the results.
  • We deliver products and service that exceed our customer’s value expectation contributing to the satisfaction and success in customer application
  • We will not compromise quality and we deliver the most cost effective, superior performance and reliable heat exchanger to the market
  • Our business is based on trust, honesty and partnership and respect the local culture

We Dare when other Don't

  • We have never backed down from a challenge and we go further than any other would, to assist our customers to achieve their goals.
  • We always strive for the better, the more appropriate and we learn from our valuable customers by serving them
  • We accept and face all challenges and always succeed beyond our customer's expectation
  • We live our words and dreams and with the customers, we are delivering the Performance.



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