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There has never been a better and easier way to reduce your electrical bill and increase your NH3 systems capacity. With Cool-Partner Air Purger and EKA Air C16 controller, CPA10 and Water purger, CPW15 it can be done.

We can assist you to do the site survey, calculate ROI and guide you thru the whole process of getting the air purger and water purger installed.

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This is how the CPA10 works at site

CDO Malvar Philippines

Before install CPA10-3:

DP: 220PSI (15.17bar)

After installation

DP:178PSI (12.27bar) after a few weeks operation only

The plant was having other brand air purger installed BUT obviously, it did not work at all.

You should think of performance of system in relation to energy consumption

Talk to us and we can assist you in finding out what is the consequences you are facing today

Together we can save the energy consumption and increase your systems capacity

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Unilever MNL01

Air Purger CPA10 has proven its reliability, performance and worth having on all NH3 systems.

Water Purger CPW15 has performed well and with CPW15 installed all NH3 systems will be clean for all non-condensable gas

Secondary Oil separator CPO serve its purpose to keep less than 1ppm oil spildover in low pressure side

THis is how our water purger works at site

Minh Dang Food Factory. Vietnam

more than 40 liter of water within a few weeks in operation.

This is how the CPA10 works at site

Unilever Cikarang. Indonesia

Before install CPA10-3:

DP: 14.71bar

After installation


The plant was having 2 of other brand air purger installed BUT these  did not work at all.

We can design and supply the CPO, secondary oil separator which guaranty <1ppm oil carry over to low pressure side.

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